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Each day of the 2 day workshop will consist of:

  • short didactic presentations by the facilitator(s)
  • viewing of videos to help illustrate the concepts of attachment and to provide examples of the Conversation exercises that the couples will do
  • break-off sessions where each couple is provided with a structured exercise to help them practice the Conversations
  • brief individualized assistance is offered by the facilitators to the couples during the break-off sessions
The registration fee covers the participation of both partners in the relationship for the 2 day workshop, as well as the accompanying workbooks/materials. There will be lite snacks and beverages provided. Unless otherwise noted on the specific registration page for the available workshops, meals and lodging will be on your own and not included. We encourage partners to purchase the HMT book on their own prior to the event, but this is not required.
Any couple that is looking to understand their relational interactions better and create moments of connection is welcome to participate. This workshop has proven to be effective for couples at all stages of relational development.

This workshop is a great way to enhance work that you may already be doing with a therapist or counselor.

This workshop is not appropriate for any couple where there is an active affair or where there is violence or threat of harm.

This program is designed to be informative and experiential, which lends itself to therapeutic benefit for couples, but it is not therapy. One of the great benefits of the program is the mutual support that happens with couples share about their experience of doing the exercises; however, you are not asked to share anything personal beyond your comfort level. You get to determine your level of group participation. We keep your personal information, and anything that is shared private, and have an explicit expectation that the group will honor that as well.

The role of the facilitators will be to
• create a safe, non-judgemental atmosphere where participants can learn and feel open to explore their own emotional experience of their relationship
• provide a structure for shaping new conversations with your partner
• guide you through the exercises with your partner without giving advice or trying to solve relational problems for you.
• encourage group sharing about the experience of doing the exercises, while honoring each couple’s level of comfort in opening up and sharing about their particular relationship

As facilitators, we espouse certain assumptions and values:

  • There is an inherent, universal need in all humans for a safe haven relationship where a loved one is experienced as emotionally accessible and responsive so that person can be depended upon.
  • A relationship is a series of powerful emotional feedback loops where each person shapes the other’s responses. One person cannot be “the problem”.
  • All relationship responses are understandable and reasonable. Partners are not viewed as deficient or unskilled, but as struggling to find ways to deal with painful feelings of disconnection and vulnerability in their love relationship.
  • All relational responses (even negativity or withdrawal) are strategies to manage emotional distress of some sort and often work, in some degree, in certain contexts. If partners are to understand and own their responses, there is need for acknowledging the validity of these strategies.

More information about your facilitators are on the “Upcoming Workshops” page.

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